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All Notebook Operating System and Recovery posts

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    That should have cleared it??


    Reboot and see if it comes back???



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    Thank you for posting on HP Forums, 

    Barachiel is at your service. 


    I Understand you are in need of support,

    And to help you out, I'm sending out a Private message with the required information's,


    Good Luck. :)

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  • 01/04/19--11:28: Re: Activate 645 g1
  • Can you tell me which of the 4 USB 3 ports is a USB 2 port. All4 ports have the USB3 symble on them and the hp manual concurs that all of them are USB3 ports.



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    I received the error message that the hard drive failed and to reinstall the operating system.  I have 3 installation disks that I used to reinstall the system but after reinstallation I still get the message that the hard drive has failed. 

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  • 01/04/19--11:39: Re: Activate 645 g1
  • You're right.


    Only USB 3 ports...


    See if there is a setting in the BIOS to emulate USB2 or legacy USB or something.


    Some notebooks with only USB 3 ports have that setting, so you can boot W7 from a DVD.

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    I had to remove the SSD recovery partition because updates in Windows 8.1 had maxed out the OS partition space (It would be nice if MS would get all of the bugs out of an OS before they market it so this would not happen.).  I used GParted and then formatted the SSD with Windows USB load and installed Windows 10 on the whole SSD drive.  That gave me about 8GB more space on SSD.


    Today, I Just wanted to go into BIOS and set booting sequence, but BIOS demanded I enter Administrative password.  HUH?  When I had the HP issued 8.1 installed, that was not an issue and was never demanded.  I had already stopped MS from trying to update the SSD because it was way to small with the recovery partition in place.  That is the reason for the clean install of updated Windows 10.  I had no problems until I attempted to make a change in BIOS.  That is when it hit the fan.  What is the method of getting into the BIOS wihout my having any idea what the password is?


    I checked with HP Assistant, and there is no listed update for BIOS.

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    Welcome to the HP Support Community


    When asked for the password just hit enter 3 times.


    Post any code if you receive one???



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    Thanks for engaging in HP support Forums! This is a wonderful location to converse with the community, get assistance and find tips! I understand you are having issues with FPS reduces while playing games. Don't worry we'll work together to help you find a solution.


    To provide you with an accurate solution, I'll need a few more details:

    Could you provide me with the exact model of the PC? Use this link to find it:  (Ensure you do not share any of your personal information such as serial, phone number, email ID, etc...).

    Have you tried to make any changes on the PC before the issue started?

    Have you tried to update the drivers either using Windows update or using HP Support Assistant?

    Have you tried to update the Bios?


    In the meantime, let's try these steps here:


    Perform a Hard reset on the notebook: 

    Many startup errors and other problems can be resolved by decreasing the amount of power stored in hardware components. Decreasing stored power is sometimes referred to as a "Hard Reset". Use the following steps to perform a hard reset on a computer:

    1. If Windows is open, click Start and then Shutdown.

      If Windows is not open and the computer has power, press and hold the power button on the computer until the computer shuts off.

    2. With the power off, disconnect the power cord from the back of the computer.

    3. With the power off and the power cord disconnected, press the power button on the computer for 5 seconds. The power light indicator on or near the power button might turn on briefly but then go out.

    4. Reconnect the power cord and turn on the power.

    Let's start off by updating the Bios, Chipset and graphics card drivers on your PC from our HP support website, using this link.


    Also, download and install HP support assistant on your PC. It should automatically download and install the latest updates and drivers for your PC.


    Refer this link to know how to use HP support assistant.

    Once done, restart the computer and then check.


    Could you please respond to this post with the details and with the results of the troubleshooting for further assistance.

    Eagerly waiting for your response!


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    Can't get past the administrator password or power on password...please help me

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    Got it.  While you were answering.   I realized that I had not entered the generated password from  correctly.  It had failed before.  It works OK now.  Thank you for your prompt and courteous reply.  

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    Enter any  power on password 3 times, and the PC should generate a system disabled code.


    Post the code you receive including the small letter 'i' if applicable.

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    The computer is an HP notebook PC Pavilion W2L31VA#ABA. 8 GB RAM and i3 Intel processor. Running Windows 10. I receive updates through HP support Assistant on a regular basis. This particular update downloads and goes through installation -

    HP download.pngScreenshot

    When it finishes I get a message "installation failed"/ Have tried 2 times.

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  • 01/04/19--12:56: Re: Windows Update
  • Yes!

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    This has worked, thank you! Downloaded windows 10 onto usb using another computer. From BSOD options page chose Troubleshooting and then plugged in usb before choosing the USB option.  Then had to choose the custom option for installation (advanced) as the other option needs Windows to be already open. Then there was only one drive/partition I was allowed to select. Then the laptop was “getting ready” for a long time but it has worked and windows is running.

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    You're very welcome.

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  • 01/04/19--13:18: Re: Windows Update
  • I would run HP diagnostics to see if you have a failing hard drive.

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    Hi !

    Thanks for your reply.

    I tried that since the begining but, since the hard drive is completly empty, I was not able to execute the MediaTool which I had to download from another PC (mac), however, I couldn't open the command prompt to find it from a USB and execute it. I also tried to put an ISO file on the USB but it also failed because it was copied without any boot drive, it was copied as it was downloaded from the Microsoft page. Besides by the MediaCreationTool, I am curious where else I can make this ISO file into a bootable device.

    I would appreciate any tip.

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    I don't know if you will end up at dead end.

    As it is now you have a corrupted EFI. Your call.

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  • 01/04/19--13:39: RECOVER WINDOWS
  • Hi
    I bought a new HP 15-Da0003ns: windows 10 x 64 bits.
    I format it with windows 8.1 64 bits .

    Now I want to recover the original Windows 10 version as I bought it before
    How do ?

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