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All Notebook Operating System and Recovery posts

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  • 12/28/18--04:31: Re: Memory stick don't work

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    Hi, I almost just bought a computer from your brand. Everything works as it should, except for the mouse, the mouse running back and forth and cannot be worked on. I'm thinking it's a bug in the computer. What do I do? Yours sincerely, Elisa Fanøe

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    Ok i understand, thanks a lot.

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    Hi i have an hp pavillon 13 x 360 on which i installed windows 10 64bit october 2018. I tried to disable driver signature true the advance setup and when i reach the stage where the computer has to reboot inorder for me to select the option of disabling the driver signature the screen just turn blue and nothing will display untill i reboot. I also tried disabling driver signature with cmd in administrator mode. It will say success but when i try to install unsign drivers. It refuses. Please help me

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  • 12/28/18--05:27: Errore 0xc000014c
  • I can not reset the pc. I see a blue screen with Error 0xc000014c. The F11 System Recovery button does not start recovery

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    Hello & thanks.

    I didn't know Best Buy was over there, even on the web. No good, huh ?

    They're ok here. 

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    I am Aditya here. My laptop scree is stuck with 'Preparing Automatic Repair'.

    I ran Quick test on Hard disk test and memory test. Both have "PASSED" results.

    Request you to kindly guide me further.

    Also i need to take a back up of important documents from my drive.

    My laptop serial no. is 5CD30813M6

    Request you to kindly help on this issue.

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    Hi aLL!


     System poering up, 2 led blinking, no screen.


     No HDD in the cage in order to get the BIOS ROM file to recover with an USB stick.


      The only files provided by HP in the drivers section are the classical exes containing the tool which flahes within Windows the *.FD which, extracted with 7-zip, do not provide any BIN (at least I have not noticed their presence ^_^).


     So: how to provide the BIN file in order to do the magic with WIN+B ?


     Thanks in advance, regards.



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    Instead of using the Media Creation Tool, you can just download the Windows 10 ISO file and burn it to a USB drive.  Here is a link:


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    Thanks for answering!


     The ultimate aim is to recover the BIOS in order to let the system boot. Secondly I'll buy an SSD and install an OS.


     Win+B tries to recover from USB sticks too: as You gently posted the link refers to recovery via USB stick too ( point n.°2 ) in fact i tried with the Crysis Recovery Mode: the system started beeping for a minute, reading from the stick, but after the reboot it went to the land of nowhere as before.


     In the drivers section there is also the possibility to download an application which would create an USB recovery stick but only under Windows 7 so I had to build a Virtual Machine but, uh, the exe looks for an EFI partition which does not exist and even if it should I suppose that the program searches for the BIOS backup file inside there..


     Any other ideas?



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    Since you have files then maybe a w8 or w10 and try the exe files in dos.

    W7 and W10 Repair.pngW8 Repair.pngRecovery Reinstall.png


    W7 does not sit happily with USB, hence the W8/10 option. 

    A command line is a command line is a comma....

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    Thanks for answering again!


     Sorry Sir, but the exe stops beacuse it looks to the system partition where the BIOS backup files are stored, but not having the original hdd I am unable to let it find them.


     Maybe the point should be how to get the right structure (and files) on the USB stick in order to let the system start flashing again ?_?



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  • 12/28/18--09:26: Re: Bios password
  • So What sould i do?

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  • 12/28/18--09:40: Re: Boot Devise Not Found?
  • It turns out that warranty expired on12/24,  just a few days ago.

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    Could someone please try and solve my problem about my apps not working.

    I try to open any Apps and they close straight away without any error message.

    For example: i have been trying to access microsoft word and excel and they will not open so i un-installed word. I then tried to go on the App store to re-install it and the app store App will also not open.

    Thankyou in advance.


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    Good Day. A warm welcome to the HP community. I reviewed the case regarding issues with the computer. I will be delighted to assist you here. 


    I have a few steps to identify and resolve the issue: 

    Common causes of slow system performance: 

    • Not enough free disk space or disk errors. 

    • Applications that require a lot of system resources. 

    • Too many tasks running at the same time. 

    • Nonessential graphic features. 

    • Not enough memory. 

    • Overheating due to intensive graphic applications or dust in vents. 

    • Running multiple instances of anti-virus software. 

    Microsoft Fix it Solution to automatically improve system performance 

    To automatically improve system performance, click the Microsoft Fix it Solution: 

    MS Fixit 974820 

    Turning off nonessential graphical features to improve system performance 

    Graphical features and programs can use a lot of system resources. 

    Turning off these features can improve system performance. 

    This section explains how to adjust visual effects for best performance and how to disable Windows Aero. 

    Adjusting visual effects for best performance 

    Disabling Windows Aero 


    The best way to do that is using the HP Guided Troubleshooter:  

    Click here to access it (simply select your description of the issue from the bottom of the screen to gain access to the next set of steps that should resolve your concern).


    Keep me posted. :)

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    Office, that is, the kind of Office that runs on your PC / Mac, does not come from the "Store" on your computer; Office is purchased / downloaded (with key) from Microsoft Office on the Internet.  


    On your browser:

    Microsoft Store Apps

    I did find a Word Mobile App for phones and tablets (10.1 inches and smaller)



    Regardless, if the "Store" on the computer does not open, see the following:

    Microsoft Store doesn't launch


    The Store Reset (may still work in the latest Windows 10)


    Reset the Application for the Store


    Windows key> type / search for: wsreset

    Right-Click on wsreset>

    Select “Open File Location” >

    When the folder opens,

    Right-Click on wsreset>

    Run as administrator

    Restart the computer and log in


    Reminder: Access to the Store requires that you are logged in to your Microsoft account.



    Dragon Document

    Reset the Windows Store Application



    Thank you for participating in the HP Community Forum.

    We are a world community of HP enthusiasts dedicated to supporting HP technology.

    Click Thumbs Up on a post to say Thank You!

    Answered? Click post "Accept as Solution"to help others find it.





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    For those that can't receive the 1809 version, I may have found the reason.  I'm betting that you have Intel HD and Radeon RX Vega Graphics combo in your laptop build.  From what I've been reading, Windows 1809 requires DCH Modern drivers.  Intel is providing them, but AMD is not on board yet.  There is no DCH driver for the Radeon Vega and I think that may be the stumbling block for those of us that can't get the update.  My understanding is that all future versions of windows will require DCH drivers.  If you did get the update, I'm betting your AMD Radeon Vega has been disabled.  

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    New laptop started with blue screen restart then needed recovery 

    after that different issues from simple slow performance to unresponsive certain applications 

    every few weeks there is an issue 

    it is frustrating and disappointing 

    I have been doing solutions provided hp website but it is time consuming and never a final solution 

    last thing a extensive system test failed 

    laptop still running but slow and some applications does not work 

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