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All Notebook Operating System and Recovery posts

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  • 12/27/18--14:12: Re: Boot Devise Not Found?
  • All of the quick checks I have done have passed. At the moment I am doing a long check and still have more than an hour before it is over. But, I am going to say that the Hard Drive is fine. I should also add that F11 "System Recovery" will not work. Even when I bring up the menu using ESC.

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    Thanks for the quick reply Huffer.

    That all makes sense. Just one last question, when I put in the new hard drive how do I go about loading the Windows OS?





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    Bios lockout code for hp 15. I 88631605
    HP Notebook - 15-Bw012nr
    Microsoft Windows 10 (64-Bit)

    I am locked out of laptop due to a bios lock out code I 88631605. Can anybody help.

    Provost Provost
    23021 3156 7579



    Reboot and enter   37799221


    If there is an ( i ) at the beginning of your code enter   15464040



    ****Click the Blue thumb to say thanks**

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    Which Windows did you have?

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    At the time, unfortunately no Spectre will run with 1809. Look here:


    You have to install 1803. That version is ok with the Spectre.

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    It was windows 7 home premium



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  • 12/27/18--14:58: Re: Reset password
  • Power on

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    OK, thank you for posting. You did not answer some of my questions, I am afraid, but still the pictures now make sense on the entire story.


    Based on what I see now, I assume your PC model has TPM 2.0 . Actually, since July 28, 2016, all new device models, lines or series must implement and enable by default TPM 2.0


    TPM 1.2 (legacy version) is fine with legacy boot mode, but TPM 2.0 requires UEFI to be enabled (legacy mode off), along with secure boot for TPM to fully function. That is why you now see "reduced" message for the TPM.


    Enabling UEFI mode fails to recognise the drive and you cannot boot. This is all because WIndows now has been installed in Legacy mode with different partition table , most likely with MBR (master boot record), as opposed to the non-legacy requirement of GPT (GUID partition table).


    You should reinstall Windows with GUID/GTP partition table to enable Secure boot now and Windows must not be installed in Legacy mode.


    Alternative way (slightly more risky) - the latest Windows 10 build now includes a relatively new tool, which allows a MBR install to be converted to GPT with one line from CMD…

    The following command run from an elevated (administrator) command prompt will allow you to convert the current disk to GPT.

    C:\WINDOWS\system32\mbr2gpt.exe /convert /allowFullOS


    Here are details >>


    After conversion is completed, you need to restart your device and change your BIOS settings to re-enable/enable UEFI along with secure boot [Secure Boot ON, Legacy mode OFF]. Here is additional advice >>



    Hopefully, TPM will then change to active. If still face issues, you may clear and prepare TPM by :

    • Click on Start button. try typing and opening up TPM.msc
    • “Clear TPM”
    • restart


    Eventually, you might open TPM.msc again and then v) choose “Prepare the TPM”.

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  • 12/27/18--15:23: Re: Reset password

    When asked for the password just hit enter 3 times.


    Post any code if you receive one???



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  • 12/27/18--15:34: Re: Boot Devise Not Found?
  • So, just finished long "comprehensive" hard drive test and it passed. What next?

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  • 12/27/18--16:06: notebook won't boot
  • Having gone through the suggestions mentioned by the techbot without success, I would like to take the notebook in for repair in London. Where can you go or who can you phone? The serial number isn't accepted by the service page (which is strange), so that route to this information is closed.

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  • 12/27/18--17:27: Is my hard drive dead?
  • Hi there!

    I've been at this for quite some time, so here's the full story. Last week I had some free time, so I decided to take apart my computer to apply thermal paste, as I assumed that ~4 years of stock paste could be improved upon. I've done it to other computers in the past, so I felt confident in my job, but alas, I must have messed something up. Every now and then when I started it after the application, Automatic Recovery would launch. From that menu, everything resulted in an error except for CMD. Sometimes CMD's DiskPart would display C: as existing, and sometimes not. I assumed that this was due to a loose cable from when I applied thermal paste, so I opened it back up to check it out. Nothing seems out of place, so I decided to look online for fixes regarding the inability to boot. In this, following some tutorials, I ended up following a tutorial for using Macrium Reflect to make a rescue flash drive to boot off of, which would supposedly delete and recreate the BCD (Boot Configuration Data), which I was unable to do successfully in CMD. After this going smoothly, I'm now approached by a SMART Hard Disk Error, where it has detected an "immenent failure". I did a quick test, system diagnostics gave me this 24 digit error code:


    I haven't seen it anywhere online before. I don't have any reasonable means of backing up my hard drive at the moment, otherwise I would select Continue Startup to see what happens.

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    Welcome to HP forums, I see that you want assistance with the camera on the notebook.


    The camera cannot be rotated.

    Refer page no.19 to know how to use the camera in this user manual:- Click here


    Let me know how it goes.

    To thank me for my efforts to help you, please mark my post as an accepted solution so that it benefits several others.


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  • 12/27/18--18:06: Re: Is my hard drive dead?
  • Hi:


    The code you received, Hard Disk 1 SMART Hard Drive Detects Imminent Failure, means the hard drive is about to die, or has died.


    What you can do is try to reinstall W10 and don't delete or format any partitions on the drive.


    Let W10 install over the current Windows installation, and it will create a Windows.old folder.


    After W10 installs, you can explore the Window.old folder, find your old user name/profile and copy any of the files you want to keep to a portable hard drive.


    Then you can replace the HDD and reinstall W10.


    To reinstall W10...Use the Media Creation Tool.  Make the 64 bit installation media.



    You can make a W10 USB flash drive installer using an 8 GB flash drive using another Windows PC, since your PC is not working.


    If you are asked to enter a product key during the installation process, select the 'I don't have a product key' option, and W10 will install and automatically activate once you are connected to the internet.


    Here are the steps to create the W10 USB flash drive installer...


    1. Select Download tool now, and select Run.
    2. If you agree to the license terms, select Accept.
    3. On the What do you want to do? page, select Create installation media for another PC, and then select Next.
    4. Select the language, edition, and architecture (64-bit or 32-bit) for Windows 10. You want 64 bit.

    5. Select which media you want to use:
    6. USB flash drive.  Plug in a blank USB flash drive with at least 8GB of space. Any content on the flash drive will be deleted.

    Then you can install the drivers and available software from your notebook's support page.


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    Hi guys.

    I don't like HP's discriminatory policies. Bought a laptop without OS to use Linux. But Hp doesn't support it.

    The problem is that on my laptop there is no adjustment of the cooler, as on Windows 10, where the cooler in idle is turned off.

    I have already tried a lot of distributions and everywhere errors ACPI, pointing to problems in UEFI.

    [    3.572730] ACPI Error: AE_AML_PACKAGE_LIMIT, Index (0x000000005) is beyond end of object (length 0x5) (20180810/exoparg2-396)
    [    3.572741] ACPI Error: Method parse/execution failed \_TZ.GETP, AE_AML_PACKAGE_LIMIT (20180810/psparse-516)
    [    3.572749] ACPI Error: Method parse/execution failed \_TZ.CHGZ._CRT, AE_AML_PACKAGE_LIMIT (20180810/psparse-516)
    [    3.574127] ACPI Error: AE_AML_PACKAGE_LIMIT, Index (0x000000005) is beyond end of object (length 0x5) (20180810/exoparg2-396)
    [    3.574138] ACPI Error: Method parse/execution failed \_TZ.GETP, AE_AML_PACKAGE_LIMIT (20180810/psparse-516)
    [    3.574145] ACPI Error: Method parse/execution failed \_TZ.CHGZ._CRT, AE_AML_PACKAGE_LIMIT (20180810/psparse-516)
    [    3.624293] RAS: Correctable Errors collector initialized.
    [    7.555182] ACPI Error: Needed [Buffer/String/Package], found [Integer] 00000000ea2e84ec (20180810/exresop-560)
    [    7.555187] ACPI Error: AE_AML_OPERAND_TYPE, While resolving operands for [OpcodeName unavailable] (20180810/dswexec-427)
    [    7.555191] ACPI Error: Method parse/execution failed \_SB.WMIV.WVPO, AE_AML_OPERAND_TYPE (20180810/psparse-516)
    [    7.555197] ACPI Error: Method parse/execution failed \_SB.WMIV.WMPV, AE_AML_OPERAND_TYPE (20180810/psparse-516)
    [    7.568867] ACPI Error: Needed [Buffer/String/Package], found [Integer] 00000000a3462059 (20180810/exresop-560)
    [    7.568873] ACPI Error: AE_AML_OPERAND_TYPE, While resolving operands for [OpcodeName unavailable] (20180810/dswexec-427)
    [    7.568879] ACPI Error: Method parse/execution failed \_SB.WMIV.WVPO, AE_AML_OPERAND_TYPE (20180810/psparse-516)
    [    7.568920] ACPI Error: Method parse/execution failed \_SB.WMIV.WMPV, AE_AML_OPERAND_TYPE (20180810/psparse-516)
    [    7.569942] ACPI Error: Needed [Buffer/String/Package], found [Integer] 00000000fbe17488 (20180810/exresop-560)
    [    7.569946] ACPI Error: AE_AML_OPERAND_TYPE, While resolving operands for [OpcodeName unavailable] (20180810/dswexec-427)
    [    7.569950] ACPI Error: Method parse/execution failed \_SB.WMIV.WVPO, AE_AML_OPERAND_TYPE (20180810/psparse-516)
    [    7.569955] ACPI Error: Method parse/execution failed \_SB.WMIV.WMPV, AE_AML_OPERAND_TYPE (20180810/psparse-516)
    [    7.573614] ACPI Error: Attempt to CreateField of length zero (20180810/dsopcode-134)
    [    7.573621] ACPI Error: Method parse/execution failed \_SB.WMIV.WVPI, AE_AML_OPERAND_VALUE (20180810/psparse-516)
    [    7.573637] ACPI Error: Method parse/execution failed \_SB.WMIV.WMPV, AE_AML_OPERAND_VALUE (20180810/psparse-516)

    I have a pressing question, how do I configure the shutdown of coolers in the absence of load?

    And more problems, the wifi button is constantly highlighted.


    Thank you, I hope for help.


    PS. Uefi updated to the latest version.


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    arkadaşlar hp 4540s leptobumda bios şifrsi mevcıt ve bilmiyorum bios pilini söktüm taktım yne sıfırlanmadı neyapmam lazım

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    Thank you for visiting our English HP Support Community. We are only able to reply to posts written in English. To insure a quick response it would be advisable to post your question in English. The following links are here to assist you if you prefer to post in the following Language Community.

    German: HP Gemeinschaft
    Spanish: HP Comunidad
    French: HP Communauté
    Portuguese: HP Comunidade
    Chinese: HP 社区
    Korean: HP 커뮤니티

    Thank you for your understanding

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    (I had a fellow on here helping me, but he has since disappeared.)


    My laptop froze up, and I rebooted it. The screen said 'CHOOSE AN OPTION: TroubleShoot or TurnOff.. I chose Troubleshoot. Next screen said: 'RECOVERY-MANAGER or ADVANCED. I chose Recovery-Manager. Next screen had these 4 options: HELP-SystemRecovery, MAINTENANCE-RunComputercheckup, PRECAUTIONS-FileBackup, SUPPORT.


    So if I follow the prompts on the screen of the RECOVERY MANAGER (PRECAUTIONS-FileBackup), I eventually get to a screen where I can choose which Files&Folders I want to "backup". I see all of the Files&Folders that I want on that FileManagerTree.

    If I 'tick-the-boxes' then click OK, what will happen next? I am guessing those Files&Folders will be "backedup".... but to where? And I am hoping that as I continue down that RecoveryManager process that somehow the computer cleans itself, then I can go back and find those Files&Folders that I backed-up.... Is that a correct assumption and should I give it a try?


    Thank you all so very much in your assistance. It is much appreciated.



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    So nobody I know has a laptop with the required 8gb of space to put the tool onto my flash drive. Ive got a new SSD in my laptop but no way for me to get windows onto my flash... My mothers HP Stream had 5g available and I was only able to free up 1.5gb. (Its using 23gb with nothing else to clean or delete!)

     So I'm wondering if there was a place I could go to get the creation tool? Or do I need to make an ad to borrow som

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    I assume you never made Recovery Media on your laptop? Usually you will get a prompt at some point to make backup media-are you sure you didn't make it and put it away. Has happened before. 😊If not you have a few options.

    1-Call HP to order Recovery Media.It may even be on your Support page to order online. Without your Model/Product number no way for me to check.

    2-Check on Ebay for installation media..can be found rather inexpensive without a license key. 

    3-Ask at your local library if you can make it on one of their computers.

    4-Check with all friends/coworkers for use of their computer.


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