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All Notebook Operating System and Recovery posts

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    Thank you for the detailed response. I was able to follow your instructions very well but still came across some issues.


    When installing the windows 10 onto a 16gig flash drive from another PC using the media creation tool it would process the first step to 100% then when running the second step it would go to about 29% then give an error code 0x80042405-0xa001a.


    I tried this process several times and reformationg the flash drive before each attempt but was given the same error code.


    Any advice would be greatly appriciated.


    Thank you very much

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     wrote:i have the radeon RX Vega M video, & mine successfully updated the insider preview from 18305.1000 to 18305.1003. MY radeon driver is not the HP one but the intel 25.20.14007.1000.

    Dubfather - How did you get the updated RX Vega driver...Intel, AMD or Windows Update?  Or did it install when you went with the insider preview?

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    You're very welcome.


    That seems to be a common error when it happens.


    Here is a video where the youngster says doing it his way will work.


    Sounds like you format the flash drive in FAT 32, then copy and paste the Media creation tool installer to the flash drive and run it from the flash drive as an administrator (right click on the Media creation tool exe file, select Run as Administrator).



    There are also a couple of other options for you...


    1. Download the ISO file instead of creating the USB flash drive, and use the tool I zipped up and attached below to transfer the file to your USB flash drive, or burn it to a DVD.


    2. If the tool I zipped up and attached below doesn't work, burn the ISO file to a DVD using this free software.


    When you open the file, select the Burn ISO file option and burn the file at the slowest speed you can.





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    I downloaded it from the intel site & installed it.

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    Camera rotation 

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  • 12/26/18--17:53: Re: No bootable device???
  • According to the specs on your PC, it is an HP Stream that camed preinstalled with Win10 S -- and, as far as I know, that version is not available from anywhere to reinstall it.

    Is the PC still under the original HP warranty?

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  • 12/26/18--18:06: Re: No bootable device???
  • So is there anything that I could do for it besides taking it back to the store. Thank you

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    I downloaded it from the intel site & installed it.

    Thank you! Good to know. Obviously intel has changed something because the last time I tried that, it wouldn’t allow getting the updated driver even though intel clearly had an updated driver listed on their website. I was given something like “you must get this driver from HP”

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    need SMC.bin file for forgotten BIOS password on my Probook 450 G2


    UUID: 7F8C5A6095EFE41193114088740000FF

    system board 2248

    current bios ver. M74 Ver. 01.14

    bios date 06/23/2015


    thanks in advance 

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    I wonder if you'd mind sharing the solution with me as well? My son's HP Omen gaming laptop which he's had for a week does exactlty the same thing. I've checked RAM, updated all drivers etc, run all windows updates and other suggestions which have been on the forums.  This morning we even reset the laptop back to the start and deliberately didn't update windows because of suggestions that that was causing the problem but now that he's running a game the bsod came up again. It is never the same message either.....HELP

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    Purchased a hp stream notbook windows 10. It came with user name and password. I tried to factory reset by turning notebook of completely, then pressing power button on, as soon as I pressed on button I began tapping f11. Tried to diffe re ent option but message came on sayin reset failed.

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    Welcome to the HP Support Community


    For that model you will need to contact HP in your region and they should be able to send you a customized SMC.bin file which you can use at boot to reset the password.


    Contact Support >>


    When talking to the HP rep ask them to escalate your service request.


    Just to note:


    Do not try removing the RTC/BIOS battery.  As it will not remove the password, but it may reset the clock and as SMC files are time coded, a large disparity between the system clock and the time encoded in the SMC may cause it to fail.



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  • 12/26/18--22:34: Long dst failled
  • Short dst failed

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  • 12/26/18--22:53: Re: Long dst failled
  • Welcome to the HP Support Community


    The DST test failure means that your hard disk drive will need to be replaced.


    There is a TKB article created for such issues - please, check it out >>


    Hope this works for you. Let me know if any issues or questions.

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    Welcome to the HP Support Community.


    If you need to restore the PC to factory default condition but the built-in recovery partition (F11) is not working for whatever reason, you have 2 choices:


    -1- use HP original recovery media (official method, costs around 27-30$, slightly easier to perform/use)


    -2- perform clean installation of Windows 7 (unofficial method, may be free of chrage, slightly more difficult to perform for an end user)


    Here are details:



    You can purchase original HP recovery media from here >>


    It includes 1 recovery USB pendrive.

    Once you receive it, insert the USB device (plug it in) and boot from it (F9). Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

    If you use it, it will restore the PC to factory default condition - install Windows, drivers, certain preinstalled apps, etc...

    If you decide to choose the official way, here are instructions how to use the recovery media










    If you do not want to pay the small sum, there is one additional way (alternative official way).


    The permanent (or long lasting) solution is to reinstall Windows and to perform clean Windows installation.

    Currently, your PC has a recovery partition which can be used to reinstall Windows or for recovery purposes but it takes a lot of time. 

    This is the fastest, cheapest (free) and easiest solution - not difficult - here are instructions >> 



    Windows reinstallation / clean installation :


    - You can directly download Windows 10 ISO from MS site or download >> Media creation tool from Microsoft site, create installation DVD or installation USB  and  proceed with clean installation/reinstallation.





    Make sure you select the proper version (64 bit / Home) 


    Media Creation tool will always provide you with the latest Windows version/build - now 1809.


    - When download completes, you will need to write  the ISO image and boot from a bootable media. You will need a blank USB pendrive (min 4 GB capacity). Use the media creation tool



    When ready with the USB drive:


    Please, shutdown the computer using the power button.

    Insert the Windows USB thumdrive prepared previously

    Power on the PC.

    As soon as you press the power-on button, start hitting the Esc button repeatedly (like tap-tap-tap).

    This should open a HP Startup Menu


    Choose F9 to open Boot options. Select the USB thumb drive as a boot option.


    - Follow the on-screen instructions to install Windows 10. Perform clean installation/custom installation (not repair).

    Delete all existing partitions and install Windows on Disc 0 Unallocated space


    - After successful Windows installation, connect to a wi-fi network and update Windows immediately - this will update Windows but it will also install drivers for this device to enable/active the hardware


    - Make sure Windows is Activated by going to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Activation


    - Eventually, you may wish to stop some of the Windows Telemetry by using free tools such as Spybot AntiBeacon or DWS Lite



    Hope this works for you. Let me know how it goes and if this helped.

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    I recently had to reset this Notebook because I forgot my BIOS password.  When I reinstalled Windows 10, everything seemed fine and then when I got to the login screen for Windows, I couldn't get my cursor to go to the box where I enter my PIN, and once I navigated the cursor to the login box, I went to type my PIN and the keyboard wasn't functioning either. Assuming I did something wrong, I re-installed Windows 10 again, but first I went into the start up menu and the keys on the keyboard navigated on the screen and so did the mouse/cursor...full funtionality. But, once again when I got to the Windows Login screen, no response on the screen from the keyboard or cursor. Any idea why this is happening? I have updated drivers and an external/Bluetooth mouse and keyboard work like normal. Also, once I'm in WIndows, they still don't function or respond on the screen. 

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    how to debugging my android redmi note 4 mobile

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    I am using HP ENVY x360 - 13-ag0036au. AMD Processors. I was trying to update my BIOS from HP Support Assistant on month ago, which it is same to be done well and I never noticed BIOS update was failed on my laptop. I am using it as normal, but now I need to reset windows because some corrupted programes making me nervous. After I reset windows and it restarts then the message was pop up "  BIOS update failed... unable to open BIOS image file " . I tried to update BIOS again and again, use USB drive to update or restoe BIOS, even cannot run on safe mode... it always pop up the same problem occur then go back to normal screen home of the window.

    Any help and advice please !


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    I'm getting repeated notifications about "Running out of disk space on Recovery 'D'".  When I've checked -  "System Protection" is "off" on D.  Think there must have been a previous notification on Hp or Windows 10 about doing something about a Drive but uncertain.  Not computer literate, so can someone please help and tell me how to resolve this problem? Thanks.

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    When I try to start my laptop by pressing the power button, it first shows the hp logo on a black background for a while, then ‘Preparing automatic repair’ appears for a bit on the screen, before it goes black. The power button is still lit. I’ve tried removing the battery and adapter, holding the power button, connecting the adapter and pressing the button again.

    When I run quick test it gave me a flag on HDD

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