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All Notebook Operating System and Recovery posts

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  • 12/26/18--06:46: Drivers for windows 7
  • Dears,

    i just moved from windows 8 to windows 7 64bit ... i cant find the drivers for this Pavilion 15-p100no.

    and google didnt help too

    i need all the drivers for my Pavilion,


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  • 12/26/18--06:53: Re: Drivers for windows 7
  • Hi:


    You can use all of the W7 drivers and software from the 15-p000 on your model, except the BIOS and firmware files.


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  • 12/26/18--06:59: Re: bios locked
  • Hi:


    Restart the PC, and enter this unlock passcode...




    If the above code doesn't work, use this one instead...42488912



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    how can i type dash key in my laptop

    and i want to all the shortcut keys for my lappy please help me in this

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    Hi Paul Tikkanen,


    I tried to solve the problem exactly you adviced,  but as I had mentioned before, there were no drivers and software that I needed for my PC at HP PC's support page.

    Namely, Software and driver searching results for HP ProBook 4730s Notebook PC at:  NO LONGER EXISTS.

    Therefore W7 64 bit ISO file download is usefull without having any driver needed for my PC.

    So I must say that Your latest reply did not resolve my post i.e my question.

    But anyway, thank you.

    Best regards,




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    Does your Spectre laptop have the AMD Radion RX Vega Graphics or the Nvidia graphics driver?  Curious, as I was (until I read your post) thinking of jumping on the insider train. At this point, it appears MS has blacklisted my Spectre as I'm not receiving any update attempts to the 1809 version.

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    Unfortunately, you can't do a Repair Install by booting into the Win10 media; instead, that will only do a Clean Install -- and that will overwrite what is on your drive.

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  • 12/26/18--07:30: ı need solution
  • As known i use hp computer but when i start the computer properties, i see that "Casper". how can i get back my system.

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    It is great to have you back and your patience is greatly appreciated.


    Based on the diagnosis it looks like a hardware malfunction. I will share you few details through a private message about the service options dedicated to your product, please watch your inbox for more information.


    Good day! Take care :)




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    Are you downloading the WindowsISODownloader.exe file and running it?

    I just tried that and it did not prompt for any key.

    You must be selecting the MS downloads -- which will NOT give you the OEM ISO file.

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  • 12/26/18--07:42: Re: ı need solution
  • Casper is a third-party hard-drive cloning tool -- and somehow, that got onto your PC.

    You would have to Google for that to see how to remove it, since we have no ability to debug issues with non-HP applications.

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    A Facory Reset starts by erasing the ENTIRE hard drive -- so, recovering your data is going to be difficult and unlikely.

    Your best bet for recovering data now is to do the following:
    1) Remove the hard drive from the old PC
    2) Purchase a USB-to-Hard Driver adapter kit (like the one illustrated below)


    3) Connect the old drive to a working PC using that adapter
    4) Try to retrieve the files and folders you want to save from the old drive and copy them to the new PC.

    If this does not work, then you need to do the following:
    1) Download and install this utility on a working PC
    2) Run the data recovery utility to see what can be retrieved from the old drive.

    If that tool does not find what you need, an alternative is Recuva

    And, if that does not work well, the best tool out there is this one, but only the trial version is free

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    I have the Radeon RX Vega M video. Interestingly the lasted attempted  "upgrade" from MS to 10.0.18305.1003 (which failed) deleted the Radeon drivers so now I only see the Intel dispay driver.

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  • 12/26/18--07:50: Re: Need replacement battery
  • I generally buy batteries from third-party online stores as they are a lot cheaper than HP.

    I did a quick Google and found several places carrying your battery -- just look for "15ac005na replacement battery"

    Good Luck

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    I did such an Upgrade on my DV6 -- and it was a LOT of work to get it done correctly.

    If you want yours to work, please read through all the details below before attempting it ...

    Problem is, this requires special graphics drivers to work, and while those came preinstalled on the Win7 laptops, those drivers simply do not exist for Win10. Those drivers are not available from Intel, AMD, or Nvidia. A way to tell if your PC has two different graphics chips is to look in Device Manager under Display Adapters.

    IMPORTANT Warning: If there are two different display adapters listed, one Intel and one AMD/Nividia, then you have this problem -- and if you force an upgrade to Win10, you will have serious graphics problems and your machine will not work.

    However, if you do not have this problem, to CAN upgrade to Win10, but you must be prepared to do four things:

    1) Make a complete image backup to external drive or large capacity USB stick,
    2) Make changes to the reserved system partitioning scheme on your hard drive,
    3) Use a different approach than Windows Update to do the Upgrade,
    4) Be prepared to do a clean-install, if the Upgrade does not work.

    1: Image Backup:
    This is VITAL because the machine is likely to fail the upgrade, and when it does, you will learn that the Win10 GoBack function is NOT reliable, and that can leave you with a corrupted machine that will require factory reset, and losing everything on it, to get it working again.

    You avoid this by making an image backup to an external drive or USB stick using Macrium Reflect (MR) which provides a FREE version that can be used to image and restore partitions or entire drives.

    What I recommend is the following:
    1) Download and install Macrium Reflect (MR)
    2) Run MR and choose the option: "Create an image of the partition(s) required to backup and restore Windows" to write a full backup to an external drive or USB stick
    3) Use the option to create a boot USB stick or CD

    NOW, you have the means to restore a full working system from the external drive or USB stick in only a few minutes.
    2: System Reserved Resizing:
    There is a small partition on the hard drive of Win7 preinstalled machines known as System Reserved. This holds something known as the boot loader code. It is 100MB in size -- all that is needed for Win7. But Win10 needs 350MB, and, in some cases, is NOT able to resize this on its own. IF that happens, you have to manually use a partitioning tool to resize it yourself.
    3: Use a different Upgrade approach:
    Windows Update is the easiest, but least reliable, way to do the Win10 Upgrade. A much better, and more reliable way, is to use the Microsoft Media Creation Tool:

    In my case, I created Win10 install media on USB, inserted that, and tried to do the Upgrade while still in Win7. That failed -- miserably!!

    So, I ended up having to Restore my PC to Win7 (using the MR backup I had made prior to the Upgrade), and follow the details in step 4 -- and that worked!
    4: Prepare for clean-install:
    If you do all this, and after the upgrade, your PC is only partially functioning, that means that the Upgrade did not go well and stuff is still there from the prior OS corrupting the functionality of Win10.

    You MIGHT be able to fix this by doing a clean-install of Win10. Problem is that a clean-install often does not recognize the prior activation, even though it should.

    So, BEFORE you do the upgrade, follow these instructions from the community Win10 forums about creating a genuineticket.xml file:

    You will need this later to activate your Win10 pc after the clean-install.

    NOTE: I did the clean-install, and even though the product-key was SUPPOSED to work to activate Win10, it did not. And, calls to MS about this were wastes of time -- since the MS idiots said I could not activate Win10 with a Win7 product key!!

    What DID work was using the genuineticket approach documented in the tenforums thread. I copied that from the USB stick where I saved it, rebooted, and after that, my DV6 was activated.


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    I don't understand the problem...You are jumping to the wrong conclusion here...


    When I click on the link you posted, and select Windows, and Windows 7 drivers, there is a full set of drivers.


    You  need to use another browser such as Chrome until you can do the required updates to W7 to get IE 11, because the support pages won't work anymore on IE8.


    Here is the ethernet driver to get you started....



    If you post the hardware ID for the device labeled as a Network Controller, I will also post the link to the wifi driver.


    Use this guide for how to find the hardware ID for a device...



    Does your notebook have the AMD/Intel switchable graphics, or just the onboard intel graphics?


    Let me know, and I will post the link to the graphics driver too, so you can have decent screen resolution.




    Chipset installation utility...






    SD card reader:






    These drivers have all come from the very same link you posted...





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    I have the Radeon RX Vega M video. Interestingly the lasted attempted  "upgrade" from MS to 10.0.18305.1003 (which failed) deleted the Radeon drivers so now I only see the Intel dispay driver.

    Wow!  That sucks big time.  That nails it, I'm keeping 1803 as long as I can.  Hope you get your drivers working and soon.  And THANKS for keeping us updated.  

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    The test says ‘passed’ when running the diagnostics 

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    I have sent you a private message, for the further course of action that cannot be shared in a public post.

    Can you please check your inbox on the forums page for the private message.


    Have a great day!



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    I have the radeon RX Vega M video, & mine successfully updated the insider preview from 18305.1000 to 18305.1003. MY radeon driver is not the HP one but the intel 25.20.14007.1000.

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