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All Notebook Operating System and Recovery posts

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    I tried to recover my laptop using the hp recovery tool...which I created via the hp tool.

    That installation did not work, but afterwards my harddisk was completely empty.

    I tried to find the OS download via the hp'page, but they only offer drivers etc(FOR windows 10 but not

    the complete OS. Problem now: I need to reinstall the whole operating system, while nothing remains on my harddisk...

    Someone PLEASE help me with this... kj

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    Received recovery media from HP. 

    Unable to load it

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    I want to decrypt my harddisk. For existing my C drive is enctyped by HP Drive Encryption, but I can't decrypt it. I read in help notes (I click the question mark on HP Drive Encryption window) I found this is how to decrypt the disk:
    1. Un-thick the drive

    2. Click apply


    My problem is, there is no apply button so I can't do anyting about that.  Where is the button?if it doesn't exist, how to decrypt my disk?

    I attach the screenshot 

    HP Drive Encryption.png


    Thanks in advance.


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    As soon as I open my laptop I’m taken to a blue screen and if I say restart it comes back To the same page

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    Thanks I should have known it wasn't right when it asked for payment - these links for WinTonic and DriverTonic popped up after I clicked the link for Speccy that you sent. They pop up in front and since I didn't know what I was opening I downloaded that by accident. Have now removed them all, and also Avast, thanks for the advice.


    When you send the links to people, perhaps warn them that these malware pop up and to check what they are downloading - just so this doesnt happen to anyone else.

    Thank you for the feedback.


    Speccy, CCleaner, etc are applications now owned by the same company which owns (runs) Avast - the antivirus. They are good/reputable tools but they might show ads on their websites, ads which are generated by different 3rd/4th parties and this is what might have happened here. I do not see these ads as I use tools to block them.


    For future reference, I suggest you also block these - the Web will be and will look better :)


    • For Internet Explorer - you can visit  , scroll down to Tracking Protection Lists. You can add "EasyList Standard" and "EasyPrivacy" + "Stop Google Tracking" lists to block nasty ads and internet trackers. The IEGALLERY website is Microsoft owned and the lists are public. Once applied, these lists will work in Internet Explorer and in EDGE.


    and search for and install UBlock Origin and Disconnect addons to block nasty ads and internet trackers


    and search for and install UBlock Origin and Disconnect addons to block nasty ads and internet trackers


    and search for and install UBlock Origin and Disconnect addons to block nasty ads and internet trackers

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    @IT_WinSec - how do I start to run Command Prompt (CMD) as an administrator? Not sure how to do this.



    Click on Start button, start typing  Command Prompt

    It will appears in the list

    Right click it and choose "Run as administrator"




    Alternative ways can be found here >>

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    Microsoft provides the free Media Creation Tool to download files and create a Windows 10 usb flash drive. At least 8gb flash drive required:

    Select Download tool now,Save it and then Run.
    If you agree to the license terms, select Accept.
    On the What do you want to do? page, select Create installation media for another PC, and then select Next.
    Select the language, edition, and architecture (64-bit or 32-bit) for Windows 10
    The Guide here will make it less intimidating.Pay attention to Step 5 since you will be using another pc:
    When your usb flash is prepared insert it in usb port of the Stream.Power on the laptop and immediately start tapping Esc key. From the menu tap F9 key to boot from the flash drive- use the arrow keys to move to and select/highlight usb. Tap Enter key.
    After starting the Install and you go through a couple of screens - choose Custom (not upgrade) and delete each partition (if you have more than 1) Select/highlight each and click the Delete icon. Click Next to continue with installation.It should pickup the key from BIOS but if it asks at any point just choose "I don't have a key". It will continue and should activate once you are online.

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    "Unable to load it" does not give us a lot to go on. I assume you are booting from it with success but getting an error after starting the process-maybe no hard drive found to install on? I am assumimg all of this of course, but the fact that you originally had a message of boot device not found usually means the drive has failed.

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    I would assume you take it to the Service Desk at the Walmart store you bought it from.I have never bought one at Walmart but have returned  other electronics there. Have you tried that with no luck?

    If it is past the return window at Walmart and is faulty you will have to contact HP using the Serial number found on the bottom of laptop or on the box:

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    Thanks, just wondering if I were to upgrade to SSD  - will that remove the 2TB storage that I have? That was the reason I chose this laptop and not a SDD laptop as I know they have much less memory.

    Are there any external hard drives you recommend? One that doesn't easily break.

    The 2 TB storage is on the hard disk drive (HDD), so if you physically remove the HDD, the 2 TB storage space will also be removed.


    But if you purchase an SSD and

    if you install it internally as your primary device where most apps will be and your Windows will be, then you can also use the current 2 TB HDD as a secondary external device. All you need is a USB to SATA cable like this (they are usually cheap):




    The slower HDD can be used as external (secondary) device and can be used like a pendrive - there you can store files and information, create back ups, etc.  The SSD can also store files but it can be your primary device for faster operations.


    SSDs are HDDs are all the same - they are both storage devices. SSDs can have the same memory as HDDs, it's just they are somewhat more expensive. But nowadays are way cheaper than they were like 1 year ago, 2 years ago, etc. Every year they are getting more affordable.

    For example, just checked in USA BestBuy store:

    • SATA - 1 TB  - HDD costs around 52$
    • SATA - 1 TB -  SSD costs around 129$
    • SATA - 250 GB  - SSD costs around 50$
    • 1 TB = 1024 GB


    Hope this helps.


    After performing the steps posted previously (before the holidays), do you notice any improvement ?


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    I have had a hard drive failure on my notebook and I neglected to make a back up disc when I first bought it. How do I reinstall windows 8.1 to my device?

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    I don't think the Vega drivers have UEFI support, only the Intel drivers need it. If someone could run TechPowerUp on a HP driver I would be interested in the result.

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    My Hp stream netbook no longer works,powers up fine with a blank screen and caps lock button flashes what looks like once every few seconds,anyone have any ideas if this is a simple fix?

    many thanks

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    Here it is on my HP Spectre x360 15-ch070:

    Intel HD 630.JPG


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  • 01/04/19--04:24: Re: Error code d0000098
  • Hi, I would like to inform you that I already had tested my laptop's hardware and I performed the hard's drive check (quick and extensive) as described on video and through the command prompt but I didn't receive errors.

    Furthermore, I downloaded from Microsoft an ISO of Windows 10 Home, and every time I tried to install them, I received an error that the partitions on the disk selected for installation are not in the recommended order, for additional information about installing to GPT disk go to the Microsoft website and search for GPT.

    After little search about GPT and how to bypass this problem, I managed to install the OS but now I have only one partition.

    So, I would like to ask what I have to do next in order to recover my laptop completely?

    Thank you

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    hello community and support assitants , please read the whole thing , i spent days and days with no hope , and i m getting frustrated . i wish i get some help here

    NOTE : i can still access the BIOS , i attached pictures of the log file text from my attempt to recover the bios at the end of this post


    - Symptoms of the current situation :
         - bootable Usb will not boot like before
         - Bios settings are not being saved and getting back to the previous state when ever i exit + save change (F10 , or even in the exit tab)
         - Bios became readonly : 
                    - i tried to update the bios using the live BIOS update utility provided from hp (using my product name etc) and it fails around 51-52% with a message "Bios update failed"
                    - i tried to recover the bios using a usb flash drive made by the same utility , and using the Win+B buttons combination technique , then it will write , and verify , and will repeat these last 2 actions for several times before failing as well , one thing i noticed here , that in the verifying process , it stuck at 52% as well , and at some other points


    - Details :

     so the reason all this happened , was that Besides the installed os Widows 8.1 , i wanted to install ubuntu 18.04 as dual boot for a college project . the thing is the installation process stopped at around 70% showing an error , after that i deleted ubuntu , so now i have only windows 8.1 installed , i searched on this subject and found out ubuntu 17.10 had the same bug , ANY SUGGESTIONS ? that would be a SUPER RELIEF if i find the solution here 


    LOG FILE:--------------------------------------


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  • 01/04/19--05:01: Re: Error code d0000098
  • Hi,

    If you have WIndows 10 installed and running now then good for you!  HOWEVER, you cannot create a new partition and

    make the drive like it is out of the factory anymore.. Once that partition is deleted, it is deleted.

    On the plus sides..

    1) Enjoy the more space you now have gained from not having that partition ;)

    2) All the drivers and tools needed to run can be downloaded from the HP website for your laptop from the Software section.

    3) IF you really need the HP recovery disks then these are available for purhase from HP for a fee but you will need to contact HP directly and get a price from them.. These recovery disks WILL replace that partition that you have lost.


    Good luck!


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    If your notebook did not come with W8.1 with Bing, you can reinstall W8.1 for free as follows...


    Install W8.1 by creating the Microsoft installation media, using another Windows PC, if yours is not working...You want W8.1 64 bit



    Only if you are asked to enter a product key during the installation process, use this generic key.


    This is the generic key for W8.1 'standard.'




    If you had to enter the generic key, manually change the generic product key to the W8.1 'standard' key in your PC's BIOS in the PC settings menu.


    After you get W8.1 installed, and you had to manually enter the W8.1 generic product key, you will need to run the free utility I zipped up and attached below, that will show you show the W8.1 product key in your PC's BIOS.


    I have also zipped up and attached below, the Microsoft tool which hopefully will transfer the ISO file to a DVD or usb flash drive so it is bootable.


    Then you can install the available drivers and software from your PC's support page.

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  • 01/04/19--06:00: Re: BIOS Update file request
  • Hi:


    The oldest BIOS left on the HP FTP site is F.33.


    As a matter of fact it shows that it did not supercede any previous versions...




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    I have HP 350 G2. Intel i5 processor, 4gb RAM and SSD drive.

    The system is massively unstable. BSOD every 5 minutes.


    I have tried:

    Reinstalling win 8.1 from the recovery partition.

    Reinstalling win 8.1 from the discs that came with it.

    Formatting the entire HDD

    Installing Win 7 64 Bit Pro

    Replacing the RAM stick.

    Replacing the HDD


    The most common messge is Interrupt Exception Not Handled. But there are others.


    Any help appreciated.



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