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All Notebook Operating System and Recovery posts

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  • 01/13/19--12:44: Re: Operating system
  • They said they wanted to buy HP Win10 OEM for their PC, preumably since they did not choose to get it preinstalled.

    All I did was point out that HP does not sell it.

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  • 01/13/19--12:45: Re: Operating system

  •  wrote:

    They said they wanted to buy HP Win10 OEM for their PC, preumably since they did not choose to get it preinstalled.

    All I did was point out that HP does not sell it.

    There are more places to buy a HP Windows 10 OEM DVD than HP. That's all I am saying.  I would bet money this laptop is not in the USA.



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    Ok. Apologies if I wasn’t clear earlier. 


    When I initially set up my laptop I did install a password, which I’ve been using, successfully, all these time. 


    However i I didn’t use (or power on) my laptop for the last 2 days. 


    Yesterday when I switched on my laptop - for the first time (since I initially set it up) it’s now asking for a password for POWER-ON AUTHENTICATION. 


    And my password I’ve always used is not being recognized 


    After 3 unsuccessful attempts of logging in, my screen shows “SYSTEM LOCKED. PRESS THE POWER BUTTON TO RESTART THE SYSTEM”. 


    When i do ... it goes back to asking for the password again

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  • 01/13/19--12:50: Re: Help please!!!
  • From your comments, it sounds like the CMOS battery has died and will not retain the settings, thus forcing them to be reset to default on each boot.  If that is the case, it requires changing the CMOS battery -- which is not a simple thing to do on a laptop.


    Also, you said you removed the system restore files -- are you talking about the Recovery files? If so, the only way to replace those is a total factory reset and that will remove the ENTIRE contents of the hard drive in the process.


    Your best bet, at this point, is to have the PC serviced -- as a repair facility can replace the CMOS battery and can also do a factory reset on the PC.


    For repair estimates, you would need to contact an HP Repair or Service Center.
    If you live in the U.S., here is a link to the HP Service Repair Centers:
    If you live outside the U.S., here is a link to HP Service Centers, by Country/Region:
    Good Luck

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    Here are some tips on dealing with liquid damage:

    However ... it's most likely that SOME damage was done, regardless of how quickly you turned off the laptop and what you did afterward. The key problems are only the surface and almost certainly, more damage was done than that.

    The ONLY way to know for sure is to take or send it to an HP Service Center and pay a LOT of money for them to run full diagnostics on it, and after that, to disassemble it to repair or replace any damaged components.

    And, if the motherboard is damaged, the cost of repair can easily exceed the cost of replacing the laptop -- because (as far as I know) water damage is NOT covered under the warranty.

    If you live in the U.S., here is a link to the HP Service Repair Centers:

    If you live outside the U.S., here is a link to HP Service Centers, by Country/Region:

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    You already got sound advice from , so I would strongly urge that.

    But to add a few comments of my own ...

    I would NOT format a new PC and install your own copy of Win10. Why? Because doing that will remove all the HP Win10 drivers and the new install will only load generic drivers from MS.  You need the HP Win10 driver to get full use of the hadware in the laptop. 

    But, if you insist on doing that, then at least read this about how to save off the current drivers before doing that:

    That way, after the new install, you can insert a USB stick containing the saved drivers and restore them.

    Also, as you will learn from the Linux Mint forums, new PCs using UEFI pose a whole new bunch of problems you did not face with the older PCs. You will want to read through those in detail before starting down this road.



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    The MS error message is a generic one, in that it does not mean specifically a "disk" but instead, something containing Win10 installation media -- which could also be a USB stick.

    Problem is that HP does not provide any downloads of the OEM Windows version that you could load onto a USB stick.

    So, your alternative is to create Win10 install media using this MS tool and use that:

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  • 01/13/19--13:07: Laptop stops working
  • I was looking video on YouTube. The video stopped and I could hear weird sounds through headphones. The keyboard stopped working, the laptop screen kind of froze. I used power button to turn off and turned it on. But it's happening frequently. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Sounds like you have somehow activated Power on Authentication in your BIOS.

    You will have to contact HP for help.

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    Updated the bios today which deleted the login pin number. I do not know the email password and MS Outlook is unable to provide a reset. How do I get back into the computer?

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    Thank you. I’ll do that

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    I recently restored my laptop by using a recovery drive from a lenovo laptop my hp laptop has the lenovo operating system and windows do I get back to regular hp operating system and windows 10?

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    Welcome to HP Forums,  

    This is a great place to get support, find answers and tips,
    Thank you for posting your query, I'll be more than glad to help you out :)


    I see that you're experiencing Laptop Freezes when plugging in power cord issue, Power management software could be causing it.  When you're running on battery and then you plug it in, power management kicks in and brightens the screen and resets the timing on the hardware as far as putting it to sleep and waking it up.  
    Don't worry as I'll be glad to help, however, to provide an accurate resolution, I need a few more details:

    • Have you tried with an alternate ac adapter?
    • Does computer shutdwon when ac adapter is unplugged? 

    While you respond to that, I recommend you to perform the following steps to isolate the issue and arrive at a fix:

    Let's try this:



    You could try going into your power options and changing the settings so that they are the same for the battery as well as ac.


    1. In Windows, search for and open Control Panel.

    2. Search for power, and then click Power Options.

      Opening the Power Options in Windows

    3. Select an option under Choose or customize a power plan.

      Selecting a power plan

    4. To customize the selected plan, click Change plan settings, and then select the display and sleep settings when using the battery and when plugged in.

      NOTE: To set up a personalized plan, click Create a power plan from list on the left side of the main Power Options window, and then follow the on-screen instructions. The plan displays in the list of available power plans.
    5. To change more power settings, click Change advanced power settings.

       Change advanced power settings for more options

    6. Click the plus sign next to the component or function, change the available settings, click Apply, and then click OK.

      Changing the Advanced settings

    7. Click Save changes.

    Hope this helps! Keep me posted for further assistance.

    If I have helped you resolve the issue, feel free to give me a virtual high-five by clicking the 'Thumbs Up' icon below,

    Followed by clicking on "Accept as solution" from the drop-down menu on the upper right corner,

    Thank you for posting in the HP Support Forum.  Have a great day!

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    My HP Notebook 2000 wont power on. I'm almost sure it's the battery because I already replaced the battery once and it worked just fine, until it ran dead. I plugged it in and let it charge and nothing happens. There has been a couple times where it will either power on completely and run for a few minutes, or it turns on for a few seconds and then shuts back down. 

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  • 01/13/19--13:58: Where can I can a battery
  • Need a battery for my laptop

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  • 01/13/19--14:06: Bypass the Power On Password
  • Hey everyone, I have been trying to enter Safe Mode on my laptop but the problem is a screen pops up everytime and I cant get passed it unless I enter the Power on Password. It only gives me 3 tries and then it tells me " System Disable: [ 57196627 ] "

    If anyone can help me by entering the password or if its possible to bypass this prompt that would be greatly appreciated. 

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    Where do you live (country)? 


    (19) Battery, 6-cell, 2.20-Ah, 47-Wh 485041-001


    Uses one of the more common laptop batteries ever made and lots of aftermarket choices available:




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    Restart the PC, and enter this unlock passcode...48894209

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    I have tried all kinds of things and nothing is working. I did repeated esc then f2 and nothing happened no menue nothing. I have done the f11 the screen says system recvery in bottom lefthand corner but stil no menue and it just sits there.


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    Please see this discussion for how to get W10 back on your Stream notebook...


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