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All Notebook Operating System and Recovery posts

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  • 01/11/19--08:50: Bios update kill's probooks
  • 2 HP Probook, one 6465b the other 6545b. Both died after BIOS update.

    After BIOS update, computer boots and stop working. The other have tab blinking,

    the other power light blinking. Both worked perfectly before STRONGLY

    SUGGESTED BIOS update.


    1 is bad luck, 2 is bad manufacturer.


    Any suggestions ?




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    I just did another check at which is a list of HP products tested with Windows 10 and the HP Spectre x360 Convertible 15-ch0xx is still listed there as compatible.  Isn't that false advertising or has someone out there actually got 1809 to install on their Spectre?  Inquiring minds want to know :)  Wishful thinking on my part since people won't be on the forums if they aren't having problems...normally anyway.

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    My laptop is plugged in but battery not charging. Battery check stated that the battery was ok.


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    HP Germany told me that they are working with Microsoft on the problem and I should wait for around 2 weeks.. so we have to wait here.

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    when i choose check for windows updates in the settings, i get nothing.


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    My system was performing slow and considering friends recommendations I tried resetting my pc. But the process was having some error and now I am left with no OS. My boot was locked and now when I restart the boot screen appears to enter password. When I enter password it tells no OS found. When I press escape key and F10 it's asking for password. And I tried both boot password and previous windows password. Both failed and bios is getting locked. Error code I 93670721 . I dont know what to do. Please help


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    Restart the PC, and enter this unlock passcode...04425164


    If you still have no operating system, you can reinstall W10 as follows...


    You can make a W10 USB flash drive installer with the Microsoft Media Creation Tool, using an 8 GB flash drive using another Windows PC, if your PC is not working.



    If you are asked to enter a product key during the installation process, select the 'I don't have a product key' option, and W10 will install and automatically activate once you are connected to the internet.


    Here are the steps to create the W10 USB flash drive installer...


    1. Select Download tool now, and select Run.
    2. If you agree to the license terms, select Accept.
    3. On the What do you want to do? page, select Create installation media for another PC, and then select Next.
    4. Select the language, edition, and architecture (64-bit or 32-bit) for Windows 10. You want 64 bit.

    5. Select which media you want to use:
    6. USB flash drive.  Plug in a blank USB flash drive with at least 8GB of space. Any content on the flash drive will be deleted. 

    Then you can reinstall the drivers and available software from the PC's support page.

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    Picking one computer for the purpose of this response:

    System = ProBook 6465b

    Operating System = No Information provided


    1. The latest supported Operating System / version for this system is Windows 8.1 (64/32bit)
    2. The latest BIOS for this system (assuming Windows 8.1) is F.64 Rev.A, dated October 2016
    3. Softpaq Download Manager (SDM) does not show any recommendation for BIOS.



     Business Systems - Client Management Solutions (software management)


    Softpaq Download Manager - HP Software installations / updates / management


    Business class computers support a robust, comprehensive software tool for updating and managing HP Software and Drivers:  Softpaq Download Manager (SDM)


     HP SoftPaq Download Manager (SDM)





    Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10)




    How-to and Instructions:

    HP Notebook PCs - Using HP SoftPaq Download Manager



    Local link to the software is available in your computer's Software and Driver Website

    Software and Drivers - HP ProBook 6465b Notebook PC

    Category Manageability-Tools



    If you are willing to do so, please provide additional information:


    1.  "Strongly suggested" in Upper Case fonts seems to say you feel you were perhaps forced into the update.


    Can you clarify how this happened?

    For example:

    Where did you see the recommendation?

    Were you not given a choice to refuse the update?



    2.  You wrote:  "After BIOS update, computer boots and stop working."

    Can you clarify?  Does the computer boot completely, that is, does the boot post to the login screen?

    If yes, are you able to log in - and THEN the computer stops working?



    Did the computer fail to complete the BIOS update?

    That is, did the computer shut down after the intial process started and then fail to boot completely?



    Thank you for participating in the HP Community Forum.

    We are a world community of HP enthusiasts dedicated to supporting HP technology.





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    Sorry sir,

    The number you told I tried in both boot screen and bios screen. It's telling incorrect. What to do?

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    Operating system: Window 10 64 clean install.


    HP recommendations on bios update:


    From HP support page: "Due to security changes, after this BIOS update is installed, previous versions cannot be reinstalled. "


    Does this mean, the computer became useless after BIOS update ? Can it be reversed ?


    Both computers updated BIOS, in windows. After the bios software rebooted computer, it only blinked.

    I've tried win+b, win+v, kept power button down, 20 sec, 1 min, and a very long time. Removed battery,

    power cord. Nothing. Just white blinking.


    Any suggestions ?





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    This is the number

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    For the code in your screenshot, enter the following unlock passcode...22758307

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  • 01/11/19--10:44: Boot device not found
  • . Hello So My HP Note Book Keeps Telling Me Boot Device Not Found, Please Install An Operating System On Your Hard Drive... I Did The Diagnosis Test And Everything Passed So I Don't Know What To Do From There Please Help....

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    Thankyou  very much. The bios is now open. will follow what you told me to do to install the OS. Regards..

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    Sir, one more query. If i want to install ubuntu side by side I should install windows first or ubuntu first?

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    You're very welcome.


    I would install Windows first.


    You can always leave ubuntu on a the flash drive installer and select the 'try ubuntu without installing' option.

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    Thankyou sir. will follow your advice only. Sorry for the trobles.. regards.

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    The security notice is two years old.   Interestingly, the important detail naming the OS version is not included.  I would guess that at the time the notice was written, it was intended for the supported OS / Versions for the computer.


    Regardless, the notice is out of date - the "latest" BIOS update is F.64 Rev.A, dated October 2016.   The "latest" BIOS is not intended for Windows 10.



    ProBook 6465b:  I do not find any HP updates for Windows 10, including any BIOS.


    What is the installation package you used?

    What is the ".exe" filename?


    Did you attempt to install a BIOS  meant for Windows 8.x (or even Windows 7) onto your Windows 10 system?

    If you have done so, you are far away from anything I know how to fix.  Rats.


    As to "going back", I doubt that is an option, else you would be able to have done so. 



    You could try the following - I have to say, though, that this procedure is not intended to fix a non-compatible BIOS update attempt.


    “Press and Pray” 


    IF the BIOS update is just stuck / stubborn / frozen-in-place half way through the update / boot process,

    IF there is not actually anything wrong with the windows installation or the File System,

    The following procedure might resolve the issue.



    1. Unplug everything, including power and all other externally connected components
    2. Press and hold down the power button for forty (40) seconds
    3. Release the power button
    4. Plug in only basic components –


    • Desktop:  Power, wired mouse and keyboard, HDMI to monitor (monitor is powered on)
    • Notebook:  Connect AC Power


    1. Switch on the system with power button - Click power and release (as for normal boot)


    Hoped for Results:


    • System switches on, monitor active, mouse and keyboard responsive
    • Screen shows the BIOS update window with choices:  cancel / update
    • Wait several seconds ..stare at it and contemplate actions.. (In at least one case, never needed to click "update" -- system continued on its own after about 10-20 seconds)
    • BIOS update continues on its own, completes, and reboots the system



    When the system reboots,

    1. Log in
    2. Connect LAN (Ethernet)
    3. Connect other components (USB, external webcam, speakers...)
    4. General housekeeping (checks, more staring at it)



    Thank you for participating in the HP Community Forum.

    We are a world community of HP enthusiasts dedicated to supporting HP technology.

    Click Thumbs Up on a post to say Thank You!

    Answered? Click post "Accept as Solution"to help others find it.






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    Glad to have been of assistance.

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