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All Notebook Operating System and Recovery posts

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    Today my laptop froze randomly after already being booted, I held the power button down to reset it then it loaded to the windows start up logo. It appeared to freeze here again, not loading past this point (maybe I got a little impatient). I held the power button down again for another reset, now it won't load past the above error message. Asking for drive cd or usb which I don't have. Please help and advise me on what to do next. How do I get windows working again. Thanks                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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    Ok I hope everyone who replied can see this response. I didnt give all the info so some folks on here are giving advice that doesnt fit.....BUT ALL GREAT ADVICE NONE THE LESS~~~


    Ok I sent my laptop into HP for service work as it kept getting way to hot no matter what I did. I wiped the drive before I sent it in. They return my laptop to me......and it would not show the cd/dvd drive. I pulled the hard drive out and wiped it with another computer as I did before I sent it in. So they say they replace the mother heatsink. And that they reflashed/updated the bios. Reinstalled OS. And performed extensive test. EXTENSIVE my butt they did. Still getting hot!!!! And when I went to redo my os on the hard drive my computer now doesnt show my cd/dvd drive at all.......startup menu.....F9 boot device options...........F10 bios it but doesnt do anything........F11 System Recovery doesnt show my cd/dvd drive.


    Thanks guys sorry for the confusion.

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    Based on your latest comments related to a failed repair, I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

    If you are unfamiliar with how the Support Community's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.

    Thank you for visiting the HP Support Community.

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    What did I ask for go through the question ...I wanted to know if windows 10 version 1703 or 1709 was compatible with my hardware coz when I further update it to recent upgrades it slowly down?

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    Thanks for your help buddy


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    I believe exactly the same thing happened to mine. Also only 21 months old and fit for the bin. Hp want payment of £200 for repair without data recovery. Scandalous! £350 down the drain. Old laptop - not hp - fires after up 13 years!


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  • 01/10/19--00:05: Re: Error code d0000098
  • Hello,

    Recently, I found out that I had created a recovery set of disks for my HP - laptop and I tried to reset it back to factory settings. Everything seemed to go smoothly but a few moments before the full recovery completed I received the following errors:

    From ChkErr_PASS3_LOGOUT.log

    [20:29:53.34][ChkError.cmd]  Some error detected...
    [20:29:53.40][ChkError.cmd] --------------------------------------------------
    [20:29:53.42][ChkError.cmd]  [C:\SYSTEM.SAV\ExitProc\ErrorChk\ChkError.cmd]
    [20:29:53.45][ChkError.cmd]  [PASS3_LOGOUT][PIN_ERROR_MSG][ChkError.cmd] found [1] SW issue[s]...
    [20:29:53.46][ChkError.cmd] --------------------------------------------------
    [20:29:53.48][ChkError.cmd]  [PASS3_LOGOUT][PIN_ERROR_MSG][ChkError.cmd] Refer the following file[s] if exists to see detail.
    [20:29:53.50][ChkError.cmd]  [PASS3_LOGOUT][PIN_ERROR_MSG][ChkError.cmd] C:\CTOERROR.flg , C:\System.sav\*FAILURE.flg, or C:\system.sav\Logs\AllFailure.log
    [20:29:53.54][ChkError.cmd] --------------------------------------------------
    [20:29:53.57][ChkError.cmd]  This is for customer image...
    [20:29:53.61][ChkError.cmd]  Trigger CTO panic...
    [20:29:53.64][ChkError.cmd]  This is Recovery image...
    [20:29:53.67][ChkError.cmd] --------------------------------------------------
    [20:29:53.68][ChkError.cmd]  [ChkError.cmd] has completed...
    [20:29:53.70][ChkError.cmd] **************************************************

    And from PASS3_PROC.log

    [20:29:47.26][ChkError.cmd] **************************************************
    [20:29:47.26][ChkError.cmd]  [C:\SYSTEM.SAV\ExitProc\ErrorChk\ChkError.cmd] has started...
    [20:29:47.26][ChkError.cmd] --------------------------------------------------
    [20:29:47.27][ChkError.cmd]  Check SW Error...
    [20:29:47.27][ChkError.cmd] --------------------------------------------------
    [20:29:47.29][ChkError.cmd]  Create ["C:\system.sav\ChkError.cmd.FAILURE.flg"] file...
    [20:29:47.30][ChkError.cmd]  Logfile [C:\system.sav\Logs\CheckLog\ChkErr_PASS3_LOGOUT.log]...
    [20:29:47.30][ChkError.cmd]  Check 2nd parameter [LOGOUT]
    [20:29:47.32][ChkError.cmd]  Error Checking items : [MEMDUMP,APPSLOG,TIMEOUT,BADLINE,FAILUREFLG]
    [20:29:47.32][ChkError.cmd]  --------------------------------------------------
    [20:29:47.34][ChkError.cmd]  Checking : Memory Dump
    [20:29:47.34][ChkError.cmd]    Could not find memory dump...
    [20:29:47.35][ChkError.cmd]  [DumpFile]
    [20:29:47.35][ChkError.cmd]  Result=PASSED
    [20:29:47.35][ChkError.cmd]  --------------------------------------------------
    [20:29:47.37][ChkError.cmd]  Checking : Apps' log
    [20:29:49.01][ChkError.cmd]  [AppsLog]
    [20:29:49.05][ChkError.cmd]  [PASS3_LOGOUT][PIN_ERROR_MSG][ChkError.cmd] There are FAILED message in the C:\System.sav\Logs\PINPROC\BBApps.log
    [20:29:49.12][ChkError.cmd]  Result=FAILED
    [20:29:49.18][ChkError.cmd]  --------------------------------------------------
    [20:29:49.23][ChkError.cmd]  Checking : Timeout in INSTALL.log
    [20:29:49.33][ChkError.cmd]  Run [FIND.exe /I 'timeout with' C:\System.sav\Util\Install.log]
    [20:29:50.38][ChkError.cmd]  Run [FIND.exe /I 'timeout wait' C:\System.sav\Util\Install.log]
    [20:29:51.37][ChkError.cmd]   There is NO timeout in install.log file.
    [20:29:51.40][ChkError.cmd]  [TIMEOUT]
    [20:29:51.43][ChkError.cmd]  Result=PASSED
    [20:29:51.45][ChkError.cmd]  --------------------------------------------------
    [20:29:51.48][ChkError.cmd]  Checking : Bad Line in INSTALL.log
    [20:29:51.51][ChkError.cmd]  Run [cscript.exe c:\System.sav\ExitProc\ErrorChk\BadLine.vbs]
    [20:29:51.87][ChkError.cmd]   No BadLine in install.log file.
    [20:29:51.88][ChkError.cmd]  [BADLINE]
    [20:29:51.90][ChkError.cmd]  Result=PASSED
    [20:29:51.93][ChkError.cmd]  --------------------------------------------------
    [20:29:51.95][ChkError.cmd]  Checking : FAILURE.flg
    [20:29:52.05][CheckFailureFlags.cmd] **************************************************
    [20:29:52.07][CheckFailureFlags.cmd]  [CheckFailureFlags.cmd] has started...
    [20:29:52.07][CheckFailureFlags.cmd] --------------------------------------------------
    [20:29:52.07][CheckFailureFlags.cmd]  Check FAILURE.flg at [PASS3_LOGOUT]
    [20:29:52.09][CheckFailureFlags.cmd] --------------------------------------------------
    [20:29:53.18][CheckFailureFlags.cmd]  No FAILURE.flg was found in C:\SwSetup folder
    [20:29:53.20][CheckFailureFlags.cmd] --------------------------------------------------
    [20:29:53.21][CheckFailureFlags.cmd]  [CheckFailureFlags.cmd] has completed...
    [20:29:53.21][CheckFailureFlags.cmd] **************************************************
    [20:29:53.26][ChkError.cmd]  [FAILURE_FLAG]
    [20:29:53.28][ChkError.cmd]  Result=PASSED
    [20:29:53.32][ChkError.cmd]  --------------------------------------------------
    [20:29:53.34][ChkError.cmd]  Some error detected...
    [20:29:53.40][ChkError.cmd] --------------------------------------------------
    [20:29:53.42][ChkError.cmd]  [C:\SYSTEM.SAV\ExitProc\ErrorChk\ChkError.cmd]
    [20:29:53.45][ChkError.cmd]  [PASS3_LOGOUT][PIN_ERROR_MSG][ChkError.cmd] found [1] SW issue[s]...
    [20:29:53.46][ChkError.cmd] --------------------------------------------------
    [20:29:53.48][ChkError.cmd]  [PASS3_LOGOUT][PIN_ERROR_MSG][ChkError.cmd] Refer the following file[s] if exists to see detail.
    [20:29:53.50][ChkError.cmd]  [PASS3_LOGOUT][PIN_ERROR_MSG][ChkError.cmd] C:\CTOERROR.flg , C:\System.sav\*FAILURE.flg, or C:\system.sav\Logs\AllFailure.log
    [20:29:53.54][ChkError.cmd] --------------------------------------------------
    [20:29:53.57][ChkError.cmd]  This is for customer image...
    [20:29:53.61][ChkError.cmd]  Trigger CTO panic...
    [20:29:53.64][ChkError.cmd]  This is Recovery image...
    [20:29:53.67][ChkError.cmd] --------------------------------------------------
    [20:29:53.68][ChkError.cmd]  [ChkError.cmd] has completed...

    I created the log file as the recovery system asked from me and I chose the option to reinstall back to factory settings. I insert again the first recovery disk, my laptop restart but instead of reinstalling from the recovery disk, I chose to boot on windows 10. Windows installed without a problem and for the moment, my laptop works fine.

    I don't know if that errors is critical for my system and may have some issues in the future.

    Could you help me?

    Thank you 


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    I have already added my comment but it seems that this system only wants positive feedback. None of tbe fixes have worked for me and two engineers have confirmed that the motherboard is now dead and too expensive to replace bearing in mind the cost of the laptop and additional cost of data recovery. £350 down the drain!

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    Just throw the machine in the bin.  I've soent days trying every solution and vusited two qualified engineers who both say that the motherboard is dead and not worth repairing and believe me we've been through every possible test/fix and nothing but a fan whirring round, a pwer light and a black sreen.

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    Hey I’m sorry to read this, I know how you feel it’s gut wrenching! I think what did it was the strength of my WiFi the issue occurred at work when lots of people are using the WiFi, I tried to switch it in and followed the advise in the thread and as I have a strong signal it seemed to power over the update and ran it through ok, try with no other items or phones etc on your home WiFi just a suggestion, seems to me it needs a strong signal with no use on the line to achieve, hope it works, best to you 😊

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  • 01/10/19--01:21: Re: Reset Stream
  • Hi


    ""Big mistake buying this piece of crap.""  Well that's Apple for you.


    It doesn't take long to write a flash drive on a decent iMac, done it loads of times.


    So there must be something wrong with the mac if that is what you are using.

    So consider the W10 activation/licence and here's how to get it (it may register/activate automagically)....

    KeyFinderInstaller may help....

    Doing research, and none of the methods are mine, I have some, simple single lines of code that will list the same value for your Windows 10 Product Key…
    Two for Windows 10 and one for Linux.

    W10 Using cmd.exe as an Administrator (copy and paste accordingly).

    wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey >> c:\ProdKey.txt

    Creates a text file called ProdKey.txt on your C:\ area.

    Next is a PowerShell command, as Administrator...
    (Get-WmiObject -query ‘select * from SoftwareLicensingService’).OA3xOriginalProductKey

    but it will run within W10 using cmd.exe as an Administrator.
    powershell (Get-WmiObject -query ‘select * from SoftwareLicensingService’).OA3xOriginalProductKey

    Last, but not least....
    Linux@Lubuntu:~$ sudo cat /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/MSDM | strings | tail -n 1


    If you want an alternative.....

    Extract the iso, boot the stream from it, use Gparted and wipe the hard disk.


    NB: Step by step help, I'll try...  so what is your first step?

    Select a machine to do the creation?

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    My product number is Y3V59EA#ABU.

    I do not understand why you think I am asking about SSD. The problem is that the HP Action Keys do not work properly.

    I have already updated all the driver software and the problem is still there.

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  • 01/10/19--01:33: Hard Disk error
  • C939D35E-E609-4D27-A685-D430C75DF154.jpeg

    System is not running, start to check hard disk this message is appeared

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    Welcome to the HP Support Community. This is a great place to get support, find answers and tips to your technical queries. I have reviewed your post and I understand the computer is not booting up.


    Don't worry, I'm here to help! To better assist you - 


    1) Were there any recent hardware or software changes made? 
    2) Have you tried any troubleshooting steps on your own before posting here? 


    While you respond to that, let's try these steps -


    Step 1 Hard Reset -
    1) Shutdown the computer. 
    2) Unplug all the Adapter and peripherals connected. 
    3) Press and hold down the power button for 15 to 20 seconds. 
    4) Plug-in the Adapter. 
    5) Try to turn on the computer. 


    Step 2 BIOS Restore -
    1) Shutdown the computer. 
    2) Hold down the Windows and B button together while the computer is still turned off. 
    3) Turn on the computer and continue to hold the Windows and B button until a BIOS Recovery screen appears. 
    4) Follow on-screen instructions and click on OK


    Step 3 System Restore -
    1) Shutdown the computer. 
    2) Turn the computer back on again and repeatedly tap on the ESC until a Startup menu appears. 
    3) Press F11 once for System Recovery. 
    4) Choose the Keyboard Layout. 
    5) Click on Troubleshoot. 
    6) Go to Recovery Manager and click on System Restore. 
    7) Choose a Restore point or a Restore date when the computer was working fine. 
    8) Click on OK to initialize the System Restore.

    Step 3 Hard Drive Test -
    1) Shutdown the computer. 
    2) Turn the computer back on again and repeatedly tap on the ESC until a Startup menu appears. 
    3) Press F2 once. 
    4) Go to Component test. 
    5) From the list, run the Hard Drive (extensive) test. 


    You may also refer to this document - No Power or No Boot Troubleshooting


    Hope this helps!


    Let me know how that goes.


    To thank us for our efforts to help you, click here to access your public post and Select - "Accept as solution" and click on the  "Thumbs up". 


    Have a great day ahead :)

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    hi, since I had updated my operating system to "Windows 10 (64-bit)", I had many problems in the software such as my display card (Radeon) was disabled so my battery charging. In the end, I wanna make sure if my laptop support windows 10 or not and thank you in advance

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    Welcome to the HP Support Community 


    HP Products Tested with Windows 10



    There are NO W10 Drivers for that model???




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    Dear sir,


    we are call loged on12.12.108. but nobody attending, please send engineer and rectfiy the problems imedetly.


    case Id :5024495976 and S.O:BNFP9928 


    Thank you


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    It had been a while since I did a Linux install so I got out an 8th gen i3 laptop (not an HP, a Lenovo we had at my office) and I installed Kubuntu (my favored distro) 18.10 64 bit onto it as dual boot with Windows 10. It would not install from the built in DVD drive so using Rufus I turned the .iso into a bootable thumb drive and proceeded to install booting from that. I pretty much used the steps outlined above as far as partitioning the drive for Linux. I tried it with secure boot enabled and ran into some difficulties so I turned secure boot off and did the install with legacy boot enabled. It installed fine. I then re-enabled secure boot and it continued to work fine. 

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    Hi All

    My Pavilion Touchsmart Laptop has suffered a hard disk failure. Was owned by another family member who cannot recall having made recovery disks. Anyone know if it is possible to obtain a recovery disk to restore the laptop to original condition. Obviously I can install a new operating system but will likely not be able to use the touchscreen. 

    Much appreciate any help.




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