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All Notebook Operating System and Recovery posts

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    Welcome to the HP Support Community


    When asked for the password just hit enter 3 times.


    Post any code if you receive one???



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    You're very welcome.


    OK...I explored the audio driver file contents, and it does contain the 64 bit driver files.


    So, see if this works...


    Go to the device manager, click on the multimedia audio controller needing the driver.


    Click on the driver tab.  Click on Update Driver.


    Select the Browse my computer for driver software option, and browse to the driver folder that was created when you ran the driver file.  If you did not delete the installation folder, the driver will be located in C:\SWSetup\sp40762.


    Make sure the Include Subfolders box is checked and the driver should install.  Then restart the PC.


    The storage driver is not required, but here is the W7 x64 driver for it.



    Graphics:  I think the Vista zip driver directly from Intel should work...



    You have to manually install this driver too.  Unzip the file to its folder, and do the same method as above from the standard vga adapter or the video controller (which ever is listed in the device manager).  The standard vga adapter would be listed under the display adapters device manager category.


    Wifi:  This is the W7 x64 driver.  Should automatically install.




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    Thanks for your response.


    You have explained me the whole process. But I still need to know following things:

    1. How many USB derives I need?

    2. What should be the size of each USB derive (bootable and backup)

    3. When should I run the procedure of booting and restoring from USB? You mean when I can't see my derives. But I can login into the system and I can do the browsing. This means that I can acess internet. 

    4. Do i need to perform any hard disk test? 

    5. What you think, is my hard disk OK?


    Please reply me. Thanks for your time. God bess you.



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    Just about any wireless or optical mouse will work.  Not EVERY mouse, mind you, but most mice are compatible with PCs of any manufacturer, including HP (who also sells mice under the HP brand).


    Microsoft sells Mice that "like" Windows and will usually work without any setup / issues.  Microsoft Updates would like take good care of a Microsoft Mouse should there be need for drivers.  I have a couple of little Microsoft "Bluetooth" mice - odd little mice that fold (curl) to switch on and lay flat to switch off.  These lack the traditional "wheel", though the center section acts for that purpose.  A bit awkward compared to traditional mice; these certainly work and are great for tucking into a side pocket for travel.  Microsoft sells lots of other "traditional" mice, too.


    I have a huge collection of Logitech mice - many kinds, older and newer models.  Nice mice - reliable, compatible with Windows (every mouse I've tried, at least).  Batteries last a long time (some models).  Precise and easy to use.


    Logitech Mice


    Get what you like.

    Read the reviews, read the description, pay attention to whether the mouse needs drivers (and make sure you can get them).



    Thank you for participating in the HP Community Forum.

    We are a world community of HP enthusiasts dedicated to supporting HP technology.

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    Depending on your budget and your machine. Does your machine have Bluetooth ? If yes is is much better to use BT mouse, other wireless mice require a USB dongle. I ve some wireless mice around now


    • 3 BT mice, one from Dell, one from Microsoft and one from Logitech. The Logitech mouse works on other computers but the Dell only works on Dell machines and the Microsoft mouse works on my two Surface machines. My suggestion: buy a Logitech, which is model M557.
    • 7 wireless mice, 4 of them come as a set of KB and Mouse, they are very good with batteries (at least 2 years). 3 other mice are standalone. My favourite is




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    You are in good hands...

     has a huge home office, full of lots of equipment of different types, vintages, and brands.  Excellent resource!


    Thank you for participating in the HP Community Forum.

    We are a world community of HP enthusiasts dedicated to supporting HP technology.


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    I don't think that is a good idea because you won't gain much storage space  (even less than a space to store few photos) but may get trouble later.


    Your machine should have a memory card slot, you can store your files onto SD or microSD card and redirect all downloaded files to that card. Many apps allow you to install them on SD/microSD card too.


    Hope this helps.



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  • 01/01/19--11:35: HD completely crashed
  • I had my HD crash and tried to recover it using the recovery sector on my drive. Complete loss. I did get into the recovery menu and did check the HD and it shows no faults. says it is a good HD. When I try to recover system, it just does nothing. literaly. Just goes to a blank screen. So I wanted to see if anyone knew of a what to get the original OS operating on the laptop again without having to purchage a whole knew OS. The laptop did not come with a recovery disk nor do I have the original box. Lost it in my last home move. The computer does not even have the Windoes cert sticker on it with the activation code. What do I do without having to go purchase a whle new OS?

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  • 01/01/19--11:37: Re: HD completely crashed
  • Hi:


    See if this works...


    To reinstall W10...Use the Media Creation Tool.  Make the 64 bit installation media.



    You can make a W10 USB flash drive installer using an 8 GB flash drive using another Windows PC, if your PC is not working.


    If you are asked to enter a product key during the installation process, select the 'I don't have a product key' option, and W10 will install and automatically activate once you are connected to the internet.


    Here are the steps to create the W10 USB flash drive installer...


    1. Select Download tool now, and select Run.
    2. If you agree to the license terms, select Accept.
    3. On the What do you want to do? page, select Create installation media for another PC, and then select Next.
    4. Select the language, edition, and architecture (64-bit or 32-bit) for Windows 10. You want 64 bit.

    5. Select which media you want to use:
    6. USB flash drive.  Plug in a blank USB flash drive with at least 8GB of space. Any content on the flash drive will be deleted.

    You can also save the W10 ISO file instead of making the bootable USB flash drive installer, and burn it to a DVD using the tool I zipped up and attached below if you would rather use a DVD to reinstall W10.


    Then you can reinstall the drivers and available software from the PC's support page.


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    Thank you again for the reply.


    I re-downloaded the OEM ISO and also downloaded a retail Windows 7 64-bit ISO.  I burned two DVDs with each of the ISOs and  two USB sticks.  Installation begins fine on all but each continues to hang once it reaches "Expanding Windows files..." at 1-2% completion, with the error of:


    Windows cannot install required files.  Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation.  Error code: 0x800707045D.


    Is there something I'm doing wrong to continously receive this error?

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    Given the damage is not too big, you can put old HDD to a 2.5" HDD USB enclosure and mount/connect it to other machine to copy files.


    If the damage was big, you may need to recover files using professional services. This is not cheap.



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    You're very welcome.


    I am baffled by this.


    I have given those ISO file downloads to dozens of forum members, and they have worked just fine.


    The only other suggestion I can offer would be to get a 4 GB or larger USB flash drive and try the Microsoft tool I attached yesterday and see if W7 will install from a USB flash drive.

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    Found the solution, leaving an answer here so that it may be found in the future.


    When making bootable usb flash drives, make sure your program is UEFI-compatible. UEFI-compatible programs make UEFI-compatible bootable usb flash drives. Not all of them are.


    Both kinds of programs exist for all operating systems. The older non-UEFI-compatible ones have not been retired, because they are needed for making non-UEFI installations. They are NOT compatible to each other.  For example, YUMI bootable usb creator , comes in UEFI and non-UEFI versions. Be careful! Some programs don't tell what they are! Once you download them, it's over, you will never find why your usb is not booting

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    Glad to have been of assistance.

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  • 01/01/19--15:04: Re: Activate 645 g1
  • Hi:


    You need to install the USB 3 driver for the USB ports to work.



    Regarding the W7 key...your notebook most likely came from HP with W7 Pro with downgrade rights from W8 Pro.


    The W8 Pro product key won't work on W7, so your only option would be to contact HP technical support and order W7 recovery media for your notebook.


    The HP recovery media does not need a product key to activate.

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  • 01/01/19--15:08: Warranty for hp Laptop 14 bw
  • hp 14 " notebook bought 5 months ago screen went black and all lights went off while I was watching it. I cannot turn it on and I would like to know what the warranty covers. I know I have 7 months left on warranty but where can I find this info and what do I do now? I live in northeast USA

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    Only HP Technical Support can tell you (for sure) if your particluar issue is covered by warranty.


    We are a community of volunteers and cannot speak to HP warranty issues.


    I posted the link to the standard warranty information (below). 


    If you have any questions, please do open an online case with HP:

    Provide your information and fully explain the problem - ask for help.





    Warranty Check


           NOTE:  If the single-system-check fails to find your device, use the "multiple devices" method to

    check single or multiple devices.


    • If necessary, Select your Country on the main website page
    • Scrolldown> To the right of Check multiple warranties, Click Continue
    • Enter the Serial Number and Countryfor one or more devices / systems to be checked
    • Check the box to verify you are "Not a robot"
    • Click Submit(at bottom of list entries)
    • When the page opens, Click View Details


    Warranty Dispute

    Excerpted: If you think the warranty details of your product are incorrect, submit a dispute through the HP warranty validation website.


    HP Limited Warranty Statements (General Information)

    Standard Warranty, that is, the warranty included with the device, typically covers hardware as explained in the Warranty document.  Optional Care Pack warranties differ by contract.


    HP Technical Support - HP Contact Information


    Please take the time to read the warnings regarding thieves and vermin:

    Scams and Unscrupulous Contacts


    From HP:  HP Fraud Alert: Protect Yourself from Scams, Report Suspicious Calls



    • Use the serial number of the device to submit the case (do not post that information here).
    • In those areas where Chat is an option, Chat service hours are likely restricted.
    • Chat is not available in every region.


    In the event that Chat is not available in your region:  Call the number provided in the HP directory, else submit your case online (to receive phone contact information)


    • HP will advise you there is a fee for phone support and / or other services when your computer / device is no longer under warranty.  This is normal business practice.


    • HP may tell you that certain services are not covered under warranty.  This is normal business practice.  Standard Warranty typically covers specific hardware issues as explained in the Warranty contract. Care Pack coverage and warranties differ by package.


    • USA / Canada: HPposts your regional contact information after you submit an online case.  Use the serial number of the device to submit the case to HP.



    “Everywhere” Contact Information - HP Technical Support


    HP World-Wide Support

     Select your region and follow the prompts


    Option:  Contact HP Technical Support - Regions


    USA / Canada

    1. Submit information / case online: HP Customer Support
    2. Sign in or continue as a guest



    1. For faster support, submit information / case online HP Customer Support UK
    2. Contact Phone: Contact HP UK – Phone Assist


    Contact HP Tech Support on your Browser


    Open Browser to HP Technical Support

    Select Contact Support or Business Support

    • Log in or continue as a Guest,
    • Follow the prompts.


    Option - HP Support is on Facebook!

    HP on Facebook


    Option:  HP Agent Response on the Community Site


    You can choose to wait for an HP Agent to respond to your request on the community.


    The following applies to HP agent response on our community:

    • An HP agent will always post back here before contacting you privately.
    • Agents are identified by the "HP" icon next to the Profile ID avatar.
    • HP Moderators are identified by the "Mod" icon next to the Profile ID avatar
    • HP agent response times vary widely – this community is not HP Technical Support
    • HP agent response on the community is NOT guaranteed
    • Be aware of scams and thieves that crawl out from under the rocks – READ the warnings


    Thank you for participating in the HP Community Forum.

    We are a world community of HP enthusiasts dedicated to supporting HP technology.

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    To answer your questions ...

    1) One drive -- for an image backup of the entire OS

    2) Already told you that -- in the paragraph beginning "My exprience using MR ..."

    3) The image backup is in case something goes wrong with the testing -- if nothing goes wrong, you don't need to do a restore

    4) Up to you, but the backup is in case something goes wrong with the testing

    5) No idea ...

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  • 01/01/19--15:34: BLUE BIOS MESSAGE
  • Whenever I turn on my laptop, I get a blue rectangle that says "Selected Boot Image did not Authenticate. Press <Enter> to continue." and whenever you press anything it just shuts off.

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    1) How do you know?

    2) Is there a question you have about this?

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